Saturday, April 20, 2013

Metalworking Hammers and Stakes

Let's talk hammers.  Hammers are one of the most important tools a metalsmith owns.  You've got forging hammers, raising hammers, riveting hammers, planishing hammers, plastic, wood, and rawhide hammers,  and all sorts of hammers for very specific functions.  You have to keep the faces at a mirror finish so they don't make weird marks of your work, fight rust if you have a lot of moisture in your workspace, and generally take very good care of these all important tools.  Here's a shot of my hammers in a rack I built to hold them.

Never enough hammers

The other side of the coin is stakes.  Stakes are generally what you are hammering over, so the specific shapes and forms are important just like hammers, as well as the finish of the metal.  Here's my collection of stakes, most I got in one big lot off craigslist but I'm slowing adding to that as need warrants.


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