Saturday, April 20, 2013

Copper and Iron Lamp

I had an idea for a sort of bedside lamp kicking around in my head for a while, and one day I found myself at the hardware store for another project and said what the hell lets get some material for this this too.  Stood in front of the plumbing section looking at connections and nipples for about an hour figuring stuff out in my head and got everything I needed (almost- only one return trip to get a different connector).  Also got a "make your own lamp" kit that had pretty much everything else I needed on the lighting side of things.  This is how it turned out.

The shade I raised out of a piece of copper I had around, rolled the edge and planishing it roughly to give it some character.  The bulb is a nice soft edison still bulb so the light has a very warm tone for being just a naked bulb.  As a bedside light for myself, I was pretty happy with the result.

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